It's amazing how popular our Wooly Dryer Balls are once people find out about them. I've used them for years and am unaware of any dissadvantages in using them. 

So, what makes them so great and how do they work?


  • All natural 100% organic wool from New Zealand.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • No chemicals, especially good for infant laundry.
  • Saves money and eco-friendly by eliminating dryer sheets.
  • Reduces drying time.
  • Fluffs clothing.
  • Can be scented with natural essential oils.
  • Lasts forever.

How do they work? 

  • Reduces Drying Time - As the balls tumble they separte laundry, which increases air flow throughout, decreasing dry time.

  • Reduces Static Electricity - Static occurs when wet laundry sticks and stays together. Wooly balls separate the laundry, eliminating static in the dryer. 

Just yesterday my dryer balls stowed away in sheets I removed from the dryer. I didn't notice and dried the next load without them. The load was full of static electricity. They really DO work.

Take a look at our Wooly Balls. You'll find them on our website under Felt/Wool. Let us scent them for you or use your own essential oils. 

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