Ever wonder what's in soap? I can't answer for other makers, but I know Beigetone Soaps ingredients like the back of my hand. 

Our soap bars are all-natural (unless a scent is used instead of essential oil) and very nutritious for skin. 

Our basic recipe for nearly all bars is a bubbly concoction of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil and Shea butter, all which leave skin hydrated and happy.


Coconut oil - moisturizes and makes our bars lathery. 

Olive oil - cleans without stripping and adds a thin comfortable layer of moisture. Good for sensitive skin types.  

Avocado oil - offers vitamins A, D & E, protein and amino acids. Moisturizes and is excellent for sensitive skin types.  

Rice Bran oil - rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Has been used throughout history in Japan to moisturize skin and adds the creamy texture to our Beigetone bars.  

Shea Butter - adds EXTRA emollients to our soap bars to feed and nourish skin to a healthy state. 

I love using our soap and I love making it for you. It's one good thing we can do for the health of our skin. 

If you haven't tried our bars, we invite you to visit us @ beigetone.com. 

Nancy Douglas, Founder of Beigetone Soaps