BEIGETONE SOAPS offers both bath bombs and bath melts. But what's the difference? 


  • Moisturize dry itchy skin with Shea butter and Almond oil. 
  • Each weigh 1.5oz and is good for 3-5 baths. Just pop into hot bathwater for 2-3 minutes to release its oils, pull out and set aside to dry for next use, sit back and soak your skin to perfection. 
  • Each melts cost $3 so a soothing bath is less than $1 and each treatment keeps your skin moist for days. My massage therapist immediately noticed my back was super soft, not knowing I was using the melts.
  • Bath melts are great to moisturize regions you can't reach like your back.
  • Eliminates need for lotion. 
bath melt


  • Soothes and moisturizes dry skin with almond oil.
  • Fizzes and foams when placed in water.
  • Good for just ONE bath because once submerged in water the dissolving process cannot be stopped.
  • Big at 5oz and costs $5/ea. because they are trickier to make. 
  • Fun to give as gifts and fun to watch bubble and fizz. 
bath bomb

There you have it! A rundown on our Bath Bomb and Bath Melts. Each serve a different purpose but both are fun and useful in their own right. 

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