Felt is made from wool through a process called felting that links the fibers together. When you felt around soap it creates beautiful unique bars. 

We here at Beigetone use all products before they head out the door to make sure they work as designed. I've been using them for only a little while and they've managed to inch their way up to one of my favorite products. 

These bars are wonderful because,

  • Designs are endless and you can make them into almost anything.
  • They won't slip out of your hand or off the bath, shower or sink ledge. 
  • Because they sit in place, a soap dish is no longer mandatory.
  • Wool around the bar shrinks with use and helps make the bar extra bubbly.
  • We use very soft wool that makes for a gentle exfoliant.
  • Felted soap is not a common craft, I myself have never seen it in a store, making them unique and useful gifts.
  • Lastly, they just make me happy.

We look forward to offering these darling bars for you to enjoy very soon!

Felted Soap Ball