Peppermint soap is one reason I began making soap. I bought a bar one holiday season at Barnes and Noble, it was big and lasted until June but by then they were not longer available and I had to do without. When I started Beigetone I decided I'd keep peppermint bars on hand year round, and we do, LOTS of them.

This time of year we kick into high gear for the holidays. thinking, planning and cooking up all sorts of ideas. Our first Holiday Open House last year was such a success I decided it was wise to offer one every year to help guests get a jump start on their holiday shopping. Peppermint is a holiday favorite, so we offer it in bath salts, body scrubs, cuticle creams, bath bombs, gift sets and the ever-loved soap bars. 

We've made 10lbs to start and may have to make more to meet the demand. It's refreshing every day of the year!

Peppermint Display