One major holiday stress is finding the right gift for the right person. It can be exhausting, so here are 9 reasons why handcrafted soaps make wonderful gifts.

  1. Useful - We all need to bathe.
  2. No clutter - They get used up.
  3. Personal - Even if you didn't make it yourself, it shows that extra step in choosing the gift.
  4. Unisex - Men and women of all ages enjoy a nice smelling bar of soap. 
  5. Multipurpose - Because handcrafted soaps give off wonderful scents , they can be used before the bath or shower. Place them on a shelf or dresser to fragrance a room or inside a dresser drawer as a sachet.
  6. Unique - Gifts that are not mass produced have an appeal that shows the receiver how you took the time to find a one-of-a-kind gift.
  7. Luxurious - Holidays are times we splurge on gifts we may not purchase other days of the year. 
  8. Quality - Handcrafted bars are made with healthy ingredient like natural oils rather than manmade detergents.   
  9. Relaxing - Rest has no price tag. Natural products with essential oils soothe and nurture. These pleasant scents trigger areas in our brains that bring rest and relaxation.

Make holiday gift giving a breeze with Beigetone Soaps this season.

Till next time,