I apply name brand lotions and creams after washing my hands and before going to bed but they're not doing the job. So I hired my own self to develop a cream that'll save me diving for clippers every whipstitch.

This recipe's almost complete. The ingredients are solid. Now it's down to adjusting the consistency. For a moment... imagine your skin soaking up cocoa and Shea butters, Jojoba oil, lavender and vitamin E. 

Ah...it's all good.

The testing process has already helped me immensly. I keep a little container in the bathroom and at the bedside for frequent application. These hands are happy guinae pigs. 

When it's done I'll let you know ASAP so fellow dry-cuticled-sisters out in the communities can find relief as well. 

Stay clean!

Nancy, Founder ~ Beigetone Soaps