It's the small things that make a big impression. That's why we have smaller more inexpensive gifts that make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers, gifts for co-workers, neighbors and friends. Many of our sets can be easily divided to make several small gifts needed for just the right occassion. Let's take a look.

Gingerbread Man, 6 for $12.50 (1.5oz ea) Makes 6 small gifts.

Gingerbread Man

Honey Lemon Bee Soap Rounds, 6 for $19.50. Makes 6 small gifts.

Honey Lemon Bee Soap Rounds

Kids Soaps, 3 for $9.50, Police, Firetruck & Car, Lemon-Lime Scent (2.5 oz ea) Makes 3 small gifts.

THREE Kids Soap Set, Police, Firetruck & Car, Lemon-Lime Scent, 2.5 oz ea., Kids Gifts, Party Favors, Christmas Gifts, Stocking Stuffers

Ducks in Puddles, 6 for $13.50. Makes 6 small gifts.

SIX Ducks in Puddles Set

Loofah Soaps, 3 for $20, Clary Sage Patchouli Scent (3.6 oz ea). Makes 3 small gifts.


Bath Salts, Set of 4 for $20, Peppermint, Lemon Mint, Lavender, Rose. Makes 4 small gifts.

Bath Salts in Tube

Mix and match to create your own gift set or let us help you. We add personalized notes to make is extra special. 

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Nancy, owner